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Dim Sum Strategy

Author: Peter Wilken


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Dim Sum Strategy
by Peter Wilken. read by the author
Bite-Sized tools to build stronger brands

In the past, brands were the sole domain of owners, advertisers and marketers. Strategies were crafted in smoke-filled boardrooms and rolled out with little to no input from consumers.

Times have changed. Today, consumers are the new owners. They have more information, more channels, more power and more choice but less time, less loyalty and less trust than ever before. Brands intersect every aspect of our lives, but the business of building brands is still misunderstood.

Dim Sum Strategy presents a carefully curated selection of proven strategic tools, with insights and anecdotes from three decades working with some of the world’s leading brands at the world’s top agencies. The book is structured to follow the author’s proven Brand Centered Management(TM) process, with a smattering of different “tools” split into four parts: Discovery, Definition, Direction, and Delivery. Each tool is presented in bite-sized, standalone chunks; you can read the book in stepwise fashion or cherry-pick in whatever order you wish–just like a dim sum meal.

Author & Narrator

Peter Wilken | Author & Narrator | Post Hypnotic Press Audiobooks

Peter Wilken

Author & Narrator


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