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About Us

The Company

You’re wondering about us?  Established in 2010, Post Hypnotic Press founders have over 40 years experience in the audio world (Carl Craig, Technical Director) and 40 years experience in the entertainment and publishing industries (Carlyn Craig, Publisher). We have worked with a variety of actors and voice talent, including well-known narrators like Simon Vance, Gerard Doyle, and Heather Henderson, and we are also thrilled to be introducing talented and experienced actors like Colleen Winton, Lisa Bunting, Rebecca Jenkins, Eileen Barrett, Dave Adams, and Michael Puttonen – to name only a few – to the audiobook world. We have recorded bestselling authors Gabor Maté, Maggie Scarf, Joel Bakan, Jennifer Margulis, Gail Bowen, Lawrence Martin, John Taylor Gatto and more. With an eclectic mix of compelling, informative and timely non-fiction titles and fun, exciting fiction titles for the whole family, we know you’ll find something to enjoy. We appreciate it when people buy direct from us, but for your convenience, you’ll also find our books available through a number of distributors, including,, emusic, ITunes,,, EBSCO, Overdrive, and more. Librarians, our regular CDs are available through MidWest Tape and you can order MP3 CDs directly from us (bulk pricing is available).

While we enjoy creating audiobooks for our own select catalogue, we also provide full Audiobook Prduction Services for anyone looking to get their print books into audio.

Carlyn Craig


As a youth, I worked at a lot of odd jobs, and eventually found myself in the entertainment industry. I loved working with actors, comics, and other entertainers, but as time went on I realized I needed something more. I returned to university and completed a film degree, where editing and voice editing emerged as my best skills. Then my life took another turn and I found myself managing editor of a scholarly journal. Always a bookish person, I found I loved publishing and spent over a decade immersed in the world of publishing, especially academic. I discovered audiobooks when the pressures of life combined such that I could never find time to read for pleasure, and when I did, I was so exhausted I’d fall asleep immediately. A friend recommended I try audioboooks, and I fell in love with them. Now, I am thrilled to be combining these two careers. I love working with actors and voice talent to bring books to life through the magic of audio. We are also starting to develop our own print/ebooks, although our main focus will continue to be audio.

Carl Craig

music/mastering/sound design

Carl is a multi-talented artist who often undersells himself. He has been writing/recording music for over 40 years and now brings his considerable talents to making sure that all the books produced by Post Hypnotic Press will be of the highest quality. Many releases include his music and Shoplifter by Michael Cho was recorded as a full multi cast with sound design for NNELS (National Network for Equitable Library Service).  He has started releasing select pieces of music on Spotify under the name Craig House Sound Design

Carl Craig - Craig House Sound Design

J. Lee Craig

Distribution/Narration/social media

J. Lee Craig is a Canadian Audiobook Narrator who loves bringing non-fiction to life. When not in a recording booth she enjoys synchronized swimming and writing short stories.

She is also an integral part of Post Hypnotic Press.  Working on distribution, social media and making sure we attend meetings on zoom.

Sarah-Jane Craig

I Keep them In Line

I am a mid-century modern edition, born in 1950 and raised on Nancy Drew Mysteries and the set of The Books of Knowledge. I love the feeling of a book in my hand and that is why I still read in bed before I sleep.

I try to keep track of what Carlyn is doing (that is full time) and I make sure our business has a set of books. “You seeing a trend here?”

Carlyn tells me my actual title is “nag” and I must admit if someone has to do that I have a bit of practice at it. I personally think I am the sweetest old lady in the room but Louise might have something to say about that.

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