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Elizabeth Wiley is a voiceover artist, seasoned actor, dialect coach, and theatre professor. Elizabeth has brought to life numerous women from history in The Idea of America, Colonial Williamsburg/Pearson’s virtual learning curriculum; she gives voice to Lady Macbeth in Paul Meier’s eTextbook Speaking Shakespeare, and her voice travels the world, modeling US-English on Rosetta Stone e-learning products. She believes that her 25-year journey in the performing arts was all along leading to audiobook narration, now her passion and focus!

Elizabeth records out of her home studio in Williamsburg, Virginia, where she lives with her family, two cats, a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog and a coop full of chickens. She is the “chicken whisperer,” and talks to the hens daily in their native Scots dialect.

Elizabeth Wiley…for voiceovers that are

Alarmingly Witty, Occasionally Wicked, Always Wiley!