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Byron Wagner | Narrator | Post Hypnotic Press Audiobooks
Read by Byron Wagner

Byron Wagner is an audiobook narrator and voiceover artist based in Los Angeles. He began his career in entertainment at age eight, performing as a magician and ventriloquist for children’s parties, then graduated to theatre, radio, TV, and film. During the ’70’s and ’80s he was a recording engineer and producer in Los Angeles working with Ike & Tina, Motown, Bruce Springsteen, and others.

Later, as a high tech entrepreneur, he developed, patented, and marketed nine major products (including the first commercial ISDN audio codec and Internet movie on demand service) to the communication/entertainment arena by creating venture-backed start-ups, uniquely integrating technology and the arts. After living in the UK for several years, his continuing love of acting and reading have happily led him back to the other side of the studio glass, doing voice acting and narrating, directing, and producing audiobooks.