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Cochran Keating | Narrator | Post Hypnotic Press Audiobooks
Books by Cochran Keating

Cochran Keating is a full-time voice artist working daily from his studio just south of Chicago.

His professional approach to bringing a script to life and working easily with clients, make him a sought-after talent. His work has successfully included the entire range of vocal presentation, including high energy reads for auto dealerships, standard reads for documentaries, and laid back heavily interpreted reads for high end clients.

His real interest, though, in interpreting script in an honest, engaging style that reaches out to and involves the listener.

While he majored in Advertising, his hands-on experience began while working for advertising agencies as a talent and, finally, as the owner of The Keating Agency in Florida. He broadens his experience with stage stints in community theater and continues his professional training at Sound Advice in Chicago and at the Chicago Acting Studio. Recent continuing education includes the Actor’s Workshop series and Improv workshops.

He accepts All Work, union and non-union, so he’s ready to work on your project.