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Books by Marvin Kalb

Marvin Leonard Kalb (born June 9, 1930) is an American journalist. Kalb was the founding director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy and Edward R. Murrow Professor of Press and Public Policy from 1987 to 1999. The Shorenstein Center and the Kennedy School are part of Harvard University. He is currently a James Clark Welling Fellow at George Washington University and a member of the Atlantic Community Advisory Board. He is a guest scholar in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution.

Kalb spent 30 years as an award-winning reporter for CBS News and NBC News. Kalb was the last newsman recruited by Edward R. Murrow to join CBS News, becoming part of the later generation of the “Murrow Boys.” His work at CBS landed him on Richard Nixon’s “enemies list”. At NBC, he served as chief Diplomatic Correspondent and host of Meet the Press. During many years of Kalb’s tenures at CBS and NBC, his brother Bernard worked alongside him.

Kalb has authored or coauthored many nonfiction books (Eastern Exposure, Dragon in the Kremlin, The Volga, Roots of Involvement, Kissinger, Campaign ’88, The Nixon Memo and One Scandalous Story) and two best-selling novels (In the National Interest and The Last Ambassador). His book, The Year I was Peter the Great, was published on October 10, 2017. Most recently, his book Enemy of the People: Trump’s War on the Press, the New McCarthyism, and the Threat to American Democracy, was published by the Brookings Institution Press in 2018.

Kalb hosts The Kalb Report, a monthly discussion of media ethics and responsibility at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. sponsored by George Washington University.[2] He was a news analyst for Fox News, and is a contributor to National Public Radio and America Abroad. He is currently a senior adviser at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.