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Jesse Lipscombe | Narrator | Post Hypnotic Press Audiobooks
Read by Jesse Lipscombe

Jesse Lipscombe isn’t afraid to hold tough conversations.

An actor, former athlete, activist and entrepreneur, Jesse is ready to take on any challenge (or dream) and make it happen. 

The Alberta native began his acting career at the age of 14, starring in the film Children of the Dust alongside legendary actor Sidney Poitier. However, Jesse put his acting career on hold at age 18 when he accepted a full athletic scholarship at the prestigious Moorhouse College in Atlanta. There, he thrived as a breakout track star. 

Now, between his many ventures, Jesse continues to not only act but also produce many award-winning films and television productions (It’s Not My Fault, I Don’t Care Anyway, Tiny Plastic Men).  You may also have seen Jesse in Netflix’s hit show, Black Summer

Outside of the arts, Jesse invests in various businesses and runs a consultancy inspired by the #MakeItAwkward campaign he launched (with his wife, Julia) in 2016 to combat racism, misogyny, homophobia and hatred. He works with organizations and leaders to help them understand and address racism. In 2023, Jesse published his debut novel, Jars, a coming-of-age story about acceptance, self-discovery and the adventures of being a young person struggling to find their place.

In 2017, Jesse was the recipient of the Obsidian Award for Top Business Leader in Western Canada.  That year, he was also named the Community Man of the Year by Diversity Magazine.

Through it all, Jesse makes it his top priority to give back to his community. Jesse works with various annual charity fundraisers and partnerships in his home base of Edmonton.