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Marina Gorbis | Author | Post Hypnotic Press Audiobooks
Books by Marina Gorbis

Futurist, social scientist and executive director to the Institute for the Future (IFTF), a Silicon Valley nonprofit research and consulting organization, Marina has brought a futures perspective to organizations in business, education, government, and philanthropy to improve innovation capacity, develop strategies, and design new products and services.

Marina’s current research focuses on how social production will and is already impacting and changing major industries. A blogger and writer, she has written for, FastCompany, Harvard Business Review, and major media outlets. A native of Odessa, Ukraine, yet equally at home in Silicon Valley, Europe, India, and Kazakhstan, Marina is often sought out for her adeptness at seeing a global viewpoint. She has been the keynote speaker at the World Economic Forum, The Next Web Conference, NEXT Berlin, the World Business Forum, the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention, and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges annual conference. She holds a BA in psychology and a master’s of public policy from UC Berkeley.