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Andrés R. Edwards | Author | Post Hypnotic Press Audiobooks
Books by Andrés R. Edwards

Andrés Edwards is an educator, award-winning author, media designer and sustainability consultant. He is founder and president of EduTracks a firm specializing in developing education programs and consulting services on sustainable practices for green building and business initiatives. His work includes developing energy management and sustainability plans as well as training and awareness programs for municipalities, colleges and property managers. Andrés has worked as producer, exhibit developer, and consultant for projects in natural history, biodiversity and sustainable community for companies and towns throughout the US and abroad.

Andrés is the author of Renewal: How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion, and Joy (New Society Publishers, 2019) which explores the human connection with nature. This book describes the benefits of developing an emotional bond with the natural world for our health and well-being. Backed by research in cognitive science and personal accounts, the stories in Renewal bring alive the importance of creating a reciproal relationship with nature where we regenerate natural systems and ourselves.

Andrés is author of The Heart of Sustainability: Restoring Ecological Balance from the Inside Out (Silver Award, Nautilus Book Awards; New Society Publishers, 2015) which delves into the human dimension of the sustainability movement. The book explains how self-development is a key driver for planetary change, and frames the conversation about consciousness and sustainability by: describing how the confluence of the consciousness and technological revolutions provide unique opportunities for balance and fullfillment, and exploring how we can move forward individually and collectively to create a thriving, livable future from the inside out.

Andrés is author of Thriving Beyond Sustainability: Pathways to a Resilient Society (Gold Medal, Living Now Books Awards; New Society Publishers, 2010) which draws a collective map of individuals, organizations and communities from around the world that are committed to building an alternative future — one that strives to restore ecological health, reinvent outmoded institutions and rejuvenate our environmental, social and economic systems. The projects and initiatives profiled are meeting the challenges of the day with optimism, hope and results, leading the way in: relocalization, green commerce, ecological design, environmental conservation and social transformation.

Andrés is author of The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift (New Society Publishers, 2005), which was selected by Apple to demonstrate the educational potential of ebooks for the iPad platform in academic settings. The book analyzes sustainability as defined by five key sectors of society: community, commerce, natural resources, ecological design and the biosphere in terms of the principles, declarations and intentions that have emerged from conferences and publications, and which serve as guidelines for policy decisions and future activities.

Andrés is co-author with Robert Apte of Tibet: Enduring Spirit, Exploited Land, about the traditional livelihood of nomads and farmers on the Tibetan Plateau. Andrés has specialized in sustainability topics for the last 15 years. He has given radio and television interviews and lectured and presented seminars about his work at conferences, colleges and universities, and for businesses and community organizations.

Andrés holds a BA degree in Geography and English from the University of Colorado, Boulder; an MPS in Media Studies from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and an MA in Humanities and Leadership/Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community from New College of California. He is a LEED® Accredited Professional, Permaculture certified, graduate of Angeles Arrien’s Four Fold Way leadership program, and a member of the US Partnership, United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development program.