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Adam Farnsworth | Narrator | Post Hypnotic Press Audiobooks
Read by Adam Farnsworth

ADAM FARNSWORTH began singing in Vancouver Bach Choir, took piano lessons as a kid, got guitar lessons as a teen, started songwriting at sixteen and, as an adult, has led and joined a network of many fabulous and ever-evolving bands*. Farnsworth’s fearless live performances raise neckhairs; from handcuff escapes to sing-alongs, from silly soliloquies to burning piano solos. Farnsworth toured with East Van. punkrock motown outfit, High Society for nine years; a group which features Kenan Sungur on drums, Ashton Sweet on baritone sax, Dave Taylor on bass and Chelsea D.E. Johnson on vocals and guitar. Farnsworth’s five solo albums are great additions to any independent music collection, which include the nineteen-track giant, Sandbox Mixtape Vol. 1. Farnsworth’s absorbing style of storytelling, vast vocal range and raucous ragtime playing are sure to suspend listeners’ disbelief for years to come. His newest album, released Dec. 2021 ‘Heart’ is streaming everywhere now!

Adam moved into audiobooks in 2020 and has recorded several titles. And is soon to be working as a professional actor.