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What’s Worth Learning

Author: Marion Brady


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What’s Worth Learning
by Marion Brady. Read by Diane Havens.

What’s Worth Learning addresses the central question of general education. For learners facing a complex, unpredictable, and dangerous future, it asks and answers the question: What knowledge is absolutely essential for every learner?

In simple, jargon-free language, the book explains why the “core curriculum” in near-universal use in America’s classrooms was poor when it was adopted in 1893 and why it grows more dysfunctional with each passing year. It then shows how, without changes in staffing, budgets, or bureaucratic boundaries, knowledge can be organized to both radically improve learner intellectual performance and significantly decrease the cost of a general education.

“It may not be possible to totally restructure our schools and our curriculum, but even within the current structure it is possible for schools, individual departments, individual teachers, to take what Brady offers and make major modifications to how they organize learning, to how they teach. Kenneth J. Bernstein, Daily Kos”




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Diane Havens


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