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The Remarriage Blueprint

Author: Maggie Scarf


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The Remarriage Blueprint
by Maggie Scarf. Read by Lisa Bunting
How Remarried Couples and Their Families Succeed or Fail
“Maggie Scarf brings great insight to this important and fascinating subject. And who knew that good sense could be so entertaining!?” (Betty Rollin, author of First You Cry and Last Wish)

New York Times bestselling relationship expert Maggie Scarf shares in-depth stories of seven remar­ried couples—revealing the unique challenges they face as they strive to achieve lasting intimacy and familial harmony.

It’s estimated that 40 percent of new marriages in the US are remarriages, but the survival rate of second marriages is alarmingly low. Many remar­rying couples set out with a sense of optimism, a belief that this marriage will usher in a life of happiness and family unity—but complicated family dynamics can often strain new partnerships to the breaking point. The challenges of remarriage are pervasive, but little guidance has existed until now.

Based on more than a decade of candid, revela­tory interviews, The Remarriage Blueprint provides a crucial explanation of the obstacles to remarriage and the secrets to overcoming them. Maggie Scarf, a consummate relationship expert, plumbs the everyday workings of shared life to illuminate the emotional preconceptions, social pressures, and perpetuated fantasies that confound remarriage. Through cautionary tales and stories of hope, Scarf offers guidance for handling everything from children who reject the new family dynamic to the thorny issue of money. Loaded with practical wisdom and searing accounts, The Remarriage Blueprint is a definitive road map to a happy, thriving, integrated household.




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