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The Horses Return (Book $3)

Author: Lynn Mann


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The Horses Return
by Lynn Mann. read by Emily Gray & Stewart Crank.

Book 3 of ‘The Horses Know’ series

It has been more than twenty years since the Kindred came to live in Rockwood. Most of the villagers have embraced the Kindred and all that they have to teach, but there are those who fear the Kindreds’ influence, and so have drifted away to live as outcasts. The outcasts suffer, living as they do, but they refuse help, even from the Horse-Bonded.

Will is adamant that he can succeed where the Horse-Bonded have failed, and bring the outcasts home. But his forceful personality constantly gets in his way. He is the key to the future, but if he is to play his part, he must allow a herd of wild horses to show him how to be the person he needs to be. Only then will he fully understand the lengths to which Amarilla and Infinity have gone to ensure that he can fulfil his destiny and reunite the human race…

The Horses Return is the last book in The Horses Know Trilogy. Download your copy to find out how the story ends!


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