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The Drama Years

Author: Haley KilpatrickWhitney Joiner


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The Drama Years
by Haley Kilpatrick & Whitney Joiner. read by Hannah Rose Maté.
Real Girls Talk About Surviving Middle School
It’s not easy being a middle school girl. In the few short years between grade school and high school, girls go through an incredible number of physical and mental changes, making this the most formative—and precarious—time in their lives. Their list of friends is in flux on a daily basis. Groups form and turn on each other; classmates whisper about who’s saying what to whom; childhood friends tell trusted secrets; and just deciding where to sit in the lunchroom can be a daily struggle. Then there’s the biological wave of changes—all the growth spurts, new curves and new hormones—and suddenly, there are more grown-up things to worry about: dealing with guys and sexuality; negotiating how they feel about their bodies and their appearance. All the while, they’re constantly bombarded by contradictory and utterly confusing messages from society and the media. And today’s girls face a new layer of complexity, thanks to the Internet and mobile teen space. This is the first generation of girls to be coming of age in the world of video chat, texting, Facebook and Twitter.
“The Drama Years is a great overall primer for anyone with a young teen girl in there life. And the girls will love it too! I will highly recommend it to the parents, teachers, and girls I work with.”(Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes)
“I started listening to this book in the car while driving with my daughter and I could see she was very interested. My daughter said she liked the topics that were going to be discussed and also the young narrator’s voice, which I thought was appropriate for this book, since it’s a book that can be read by young girls too. The narrator was able to change her voice inflection when she read the quotes from the tweens throughout her narration.” (Laura Fabiani, Library of Clean Reads)
The Drama Years is the definitive guide to the pressures that middle school girls experience every day. Speaking to parents of both middle school girls and high school girls alike, it is packed with the voices of middle school girls, who share their experiences, anecdotes and thoughts on everything from stress to body image, from frenemies to getting along with parents. Throughout the book, high school mentors share their own similar experiences—and offer parents advice for how to help their girls survive this tricky time.




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