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The Business of Baby

Author: Jennifer Margulis


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The Business of Baby
by Jennifer Margulis. read by Rebecca Jenkins.
What Doctors don’t tell you, what corporations try to sell you, and how to put your pregnancy, childbirth, and baby before their bottom line.

The Business of Baby uses a combination of investigative journalism and first-person narrative to challenge our common wisdom about infant care, showing how this wisdom is often influenced—at the expense of the child’s well-being—by the financial interests of big business. Taking a hard-nosed look at everything from potty training to circumcision to baby food to ‘education’ toys, among other things, Margulis employs her signature traits of fearless reporting and tight sourcing to paint a startling and at times alarming picture of the things we do and take for granted when caring our babies.

“Inspiring readers to follow her lead by trusting their instincts and questioning the status quo, Margulis delivers a compelling and thought-provoking work for every parent and parent-to-be.”Publisher’s Weekly

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