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The Arrogant Autocrat

Author: Mel Hurtig


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The Arrogant Autocrat
by Mel Hurtig. read by Michael Puttonen.
Stephen Harper’s Takeover of Canada
“I agree this is a must-read – ..for anyone who considers him/herself a thoughtful Canadian voter. I got the audiobook, which was well worth it.”
“Wise words from a distinguished Canadian.” “What every Canadian should read – before the Fall election!” “If you want to keep the Charter Rights you still have left, this is a MUST READ!”

Mel contends that Harper rose to power with an agenda so contrary to Canadian principles and values, that the only way he could pursue it was through a takeover of Canadian democracy. Mel Hurtig is the legendary Edmonton bookseller, publisher and creator of The Canadian Encyclopedia who became a political activist, then an author in 1991 with his huge bestseller The Betrayal of Canada. He is also the author of Pay the Rent or Feed the Kids, The Vanishing Country, Rushing to Armageddon and The Truth About Canada. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada, and has received many honorary degrees and other honors. He lives in Vancouver.


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