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On Any Given Sundae

Author: Marilyn Brant


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On Any Given Sundae
by Marilyn Brant. read by Erica McKendrick.
Book #1 in the Sweet Series
“This book left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling – not to mention a growling tummy. “On Any Given Sundae” should come with a warning: May increase appetites for food and sex; don’t read while hungry. :)”Amazon Customer review.

Nothing tops the sweetness of an unexpected love…

Elizabeth “Please Don’t Call me Lizzy” Daniels and Roberto “You’d Better Call me Rob” Gabinnarri grew-up together – their uncles Siegfried and Pauly ran a quaint ice cream shop – but they had little else in common. So when their uncles rush off to Europe for a month, temporarily relinquishing the reins of their ice cream shop to their respective niece and nephew, the unlikely pair tries to make the best of being stuck together.

Elizabeth is a small-town Wisconsin girl. Shy and inexperienced, especially at love, “Frizzy Lizzy” writes dessert cookbook and still resides in her quaint hometown of Wilmington Bay. She stutters painfully when nervous and is comfortable with her laptop and her tiny circle of cooking pals. Despite a pressing deadline for her next book, she rectantly agrees, even though it means overcoming her shyness and dealing with her childhood crush, Rob, who barely knows she exists….

Rob, a former football star and town golden boy, left after high school and never looked back. He returns to Wilmington Bay reluctantly, and is counting the minutes until he can escape back to the anonymity of his fast-paced, commitment-free city life, and his successful sports-themed restaurant in Chicago. Despite his charm and gift for the gab, Rob is intimidated by quiet, brainy girls like “Frizzy Lizzy,” and he doesn’t like being back in a town that still sees him as “that popular but dumb jock,” an image he worked for almost a decade to shed.

For Rob, home brings with it an Italian mother, bent on lining up potential brides. Rob doesn’t have the strength to stand-up to the formidable will of his mother, but then Rob has an idea – and it involves only a bit of family deception. Elizabeth reluctantly agrees. Neither Rob nor Elizabeth are used to playing games of pretense. Can love, hot summer nights and, maybe, some chocolate sauce, caramel and whipped cream…turn their farce into reality?


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Erica McKendrick


5 Hrs 37 Min

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