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Jennings Again!

Author: Anthony Buckeridge


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Jennings Again!
by Anthony Buckeridge. read by Simon Vance.
Book #23 in the Jennings Series

“Surprisingly Good” – “A Slow Walk Down Memory Lane.”

In this audiobook – When Linbury goes green, Jennings and Darbishire offer to do their bit for the environment and are given the task of distributing leaflets. Unfortunately, Darbishires shoelace refuses to stay tied and, using his initiative, Jennings removes the rubber band holding the leaflets together and performs an emergency shoelace repair. All seems fine, until a gust of wind hurls the leaflets over Marina Gardens. The residents are none too pleased, and its poor Mr Wilkins whos going to get the blame – addle-pated eyewash!

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Simon Vance


2 Hrs 53 Min

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