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Food Junkies (student edition)

Author: Vera Tarman


Special Student Edition for Vera Tarman students


Food Junkies: Second Edition
by Vera Tarman. read by Lisa Bunting.
Recovery From Food Addiction

Overeating, binge eating, obesity, anorexia, and bulimia: Food Junkies tackles the complex, poorly understood issue of food addiction from the perspectives of a medical researcher and dozens of survivors.

  • What exactly is food addiction?
  • Is it possible to draw a hard line between indulging cravings for “comfort food” and engaging in substance abuse?

For people struggling with food addictions, recognizing their condition — to say nothing of gaining support and advice — remains a frustrating battle.

“Beyond my wildest expectations” “The reader’s calming voice assists with decreasing the shame so often found with addiction and can open the listener up to actually hearing.”

A fact-filled guide to coping with compulsive overeating problems by an experienced addictions doctor who draws on many patients’ stories of recovery.

Built around the experiences of people suffering and recovering from food addictions, Food Junkies offers practical information grounded in medical science, while putting a face to the problems of food addiction. It is meant to be a knowledgeable and friendly guide on the road to food serenity.


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Lisa Bunting


8 Hrs 20 Min

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