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Do More Great Work

Author: Michael Bungay Stanier

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Do More Great Work
by Michael Bungay Stanier. Read by Daniel Maté.
Stop the Busywork. Start the Work That Matters.


You’re up to your eyeballs answering email, returning phone calls, attending meetings, scrambling to get things done. But when did being busy become a measure of success?


You know what Great Work is. You’ve probably had a few of these moments in your life. You’ve had times when you felt alive, passionate and powerful because you knew that you had just done something really great.

  • It’s the stuff you dreamed about when you first started this career.
  • It’s work you’re proud about, excited about, that means something to you
  • It’s making a difference.
  • It’s doing the stuff that matters.


Do More Great Work doesn’t take forever. It doesn’t suck up more of your life. It gives you back your life. So you can do Great Work. And make a difference.

In Michael Bungay Stanier’s Do More Great Work you’ll find fifteen ‘maps’, practical exercises to help you identify how to find, start and sustain more Great Work. Amongst other things you’ll learn:

  • Where to find clues to your own Great Work. (They’re all around you.)
  • How to locate the sweet spot between what you want to do and what your organization wants you to do.
  • Tactics to best manage the overwhelm.
  • How to double the likelihood you’ll do what you want to do.
  • There are also original contributions from leading thinkers like Seth Godin, Dave Ulrich, Michael Port, Penelope Trunk, Leo Babauta and Chris Guillebeau on how to do more of the important stuff.

To do more Great Work you need focus, you need courage and you need resilience. Do More Great Work will help you find all that and more. (See an interview with Michael where he talks about Do More Great Work, and how to find Great Work in your own professional life.)

You don’t need a coach or a support team or a two-day retreat to tackle what’s in this book.

You need pen and some paper and ten minutes. So why wait any longer to do Great Work? Buy the book Do More Great Work – in its 5th printing, with over 70,000 sold-translated editions available in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Chinese, Czech and Indonesian.

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