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American Savior

Author: Roland Merullo


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American Savior
by Roland Merullo. Read by Dion Graham
A Novel of Divine Politics

It’s such a pleasure for me to hear American Savior brought to life in audio, and an honor to have it listed among Post Hypnotic Press’s fine offerings. Dion Graham does a masterful job of capturing the tone of this novel—which I hoped would be an even mix of humor and seriousness, a stew of spirituality and politics and a commentary on the contemporary American scene. Dion manages to do what many narrators cannot: create an authentic echo of the way the words sounded in my head when I wrote them. The book is respectfully provocative in places, wryly amusing (I hope) in others. May it bring a bit of calm and hours of enjoyment to listeners at a time when politics and spirituality are playing such an important role in our lives.—Roland Merullo

What if Jesus suddenly appeared and announced that he planned to run for President of the United States? Yes, that Jesus. And what if a well-meaning but utterly inexperienced band of disciples not only helped him mount a seat-of-the-pants campaign but also ran it well, getting millions of people to support him and in the process throwing the other two major party candidates—as well as the world’s news media—into a frenzy as they scramble to discredit him?

Roland Merullo’s bitingly clever satirical novel about the state of American politics follows one man’s campaign to bring back goodness and kindness (real goodness and kindness this time) in a country that has fallen into a divisive state of fear and hatred. Merullo takes us into the heart of “a nation in grave spiritual danger” as the Son of man sets out to make everyone realize that “politics as usual” is no longer an acceptable alternative.

American Savior is a remarkably innovative novel that challenges our perceptions and beliefs while it wags a finger at the folly of our self-righteousness. It is sure to cause controversy among those for whom politics itself has become a kind of religion.


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Dion Graham


10 Hrs 37 Min

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